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ABA is the applied science of understanding and modifying socially significant behavior. ABA assumes that behavior is lawful, and therefore, it can be predicted and changed by focusing on the environmental events that surround it. The cornerstones of ABA are a set of basic principles which guide the way in which we assess and treat or modify behavior, these are: reinforcement, or the process by which consequences strengthen behavior (in other words, why we continue to repeat the same behavior), extinction, or the process of reducing or eliminating a behavior by no longer allowing contact with a reinforcer, and punishment, or the process by which consequences weaken behavior (in other words, why we stop engaging in specific behaviors). The goal of ABA is to produce meaningful, long-lasting outcomes that improve an individual’s quality of life. 

We provide clinic based services for children ages 2-22 years old. We conduct thorough functional assessments to determine the function, or why the behavior is occurring. During a functional assessment we will ask you questions about your child and identify your concerns. We will also conduct in clinic observations and assess strengths and areas of deficits. We use this information to design individualized behavior plans that focus on reducing problem behaviors and teaching/increasing appropriate replacement behaviors. We also provide individual parent training and staff training, which can include teachers, aides, direct care staff, etc. Additionally, we work in conjunction with other therapists (OTs, PTs, SLPs, MHPs) to target specific goals such as increasing language and vocabulary and sensory sensitivities during feeding. And lastly, we understand that some of our clients are increasingly vulnerable to dangerous situations, therefore, we can focus on teaching safety skills either as part of their treatment program or as an individual component for clients who are not currently receiving ABA therapy at the clinic. 

The first step in the journey towards getting your child behavior analytic services is finding a provider that fits your needs. When seeking services through CBC, we will first verify your insurance coverage at no cost and request formal documentation of your child’s diagnosis and a prescription for ABA services from a physician. Once this is completed, we will request approval for a functional assessment. A Behavior Analyst will then conduct a thorough functional behavioral assessment to gather information from you regarding your child’s current problem behavior, skill deficits, and areas in need of growth. This assessment will occur at our clinic and will include parent/caregiver interviews, skill assessments, and direct observation of your child. Next, treatment goals and an individualized behavior plan will be developed based on your child’s needs, including the recommended number of therapy hours. Your child’s treatment session will be unique and individualized to them. Pairing procedures will be used to establish a meaningful relationship between your child and his/her therapist to gain your child’s buy in to their treatment and establish a fun learning environment. Session length can vary and will involve a therapist working 1:1 with your child. At times this may consist of structured teaching lessons, while at other times your child may be engaged in natural, play-based learning. Parent training will also be incorporated into your child’s treatment to allow for comprehensive supports across all relevant settings.  As part of our ABA services we require that parents or caregivers commit to a minimum of one hour-long training session every month. 

We currently accept the following insurance providers: We also offer services through private pay for individuals without insurance. Please contact us to inquire about private pay rates.

If you are interested in receiving ABA services or have questions about receiving ABA services through our company, please complete the contact form or call us at (813) 924-4609