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Who We Are

The idea for this company started when we were in graduate school. We were working as behavior assistants in the field at the same time as we were taking classes and immersing ourselves in ABA research. It was then that we realized that there could be more of a focus on bringing the most current, effective treatments from the scientific literature and applying them to the work we did with our clients every day. This inspired the twofold mission of our company:

  1.   To provide our communities with the best quality applied behavior analysis services by ensuring that our practitioners are using current, science-based treatment and assessment methods. This includes ensuring our services are culturally sensitive and adapted to our families’ individual needs.  
  1.   To give back to the field of behavior analysis by conducting and publishing research and other scholarly contributions. This means that while the priority of our clients will always be their treatment and working for the best outcomes, we will, when appropriate, provide opportunities for our clients to participate in studies that may be relevant to them and their needs. 
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